Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Starting the new year.

Not too much progress in Our Next Thing. Here's where we're at:

We've interviewed the buffalo ranchers, Jessie and Drew and the candle maker, Bob.

We've done about 2/3 of an interview with Lizz, the cooking teacher/personal chef. The Lizz face-to-face interview stuff still has to be done. Not sure we can make any serious progress in the editing of this until that's accomplished.

Also met a photographer in Racine and a piggy bank maker in Glendale, WI. The piggy bank maker could be a very good part of the project and we'll followup when we get back. He's a soup-to-nuts ceramics maker: creates the vision and then the prototype, creates the molds and then sets up the production line in his small factory just north of Milwaukee.

We have the equipment. Brooke bought a cool Mac laptop along with Final Cut Pro and has spent the last couple of months coming up to speed, kicking and screaming a bit because of the differences 'tween that and Avid. She's settled down into a sort of acceptance. She's realized that the greater good was accomplished and that FCP has it's power and positive points.
The cameras have been cleaned and oiled...ready for the next step. I'm a little nervous about the equipment. If something goes blooey on the road, we may need to buy a replacement. Trying to keep costs low.

We are getting ready to start our journey to the east. I'll start driving tomorrow (Jan 1st). Weather reports are predicting a bit of snow in the afternoon. Hopefully, I'll be out of the area before it starts. If all goes well, I may be bedding down with my favorite canine companion (metaphorically speaking) in Lexington, KY tomorrow evening.

I'll make Asheville by Saturday. I've spent the last month putting out the word on Craig's List that we'll be in town and are interested in meeting with people who meet our project's criterion. I've gotten responses from about 5 people who sound like they might fit. Mike, a musician, sounds intriguing but his schedule might not work...I'll followup with him today.

Charleston, SC in February. It'll be good to get some warm weather for a month.

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